Life always seems to be about waiting – waiting for the end of the work day; waiting for the weekend; waiting for your vacation next month. Always waiting for the next thing to happen. It’s 5:15am on Sunday morning and I here with 50+ yogis, sitting, WAITING for our 6am led Ashtanga class… And yet, waiting is different here. Maybe it’s because my days consist of yoga, eating, relaxing and sleeping. Maybe it’s because you don’t particularly look forward to yoga class here; it’s the sole reason why I am here and yet the work I am doing in class isn’t particularly fun, but is certainly necessary. But mostly I think it’s the atmosphere here. There is something special about it. My guru, Sharath emanates light and love. Being around him makes this easier, not EASY by any means, but easier. The energy of the shala is special, even without Sharath in it, you feel the warmth of the space, filled with hundreds of yogis everyday, for months out of the year. But also, there is something special about Mysore in particular… You just have to sit back and enjoy the experience. Be present and just marvel at how special THIS moment is.


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